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Why I Started Collectively Joy

Why I Started Collectively Joy

Why I Started Collectively Joy

Lately my days have been filled with lots emails, phone calls and zoom meetings.  All in effort to help bring my dreams and vision to life. It's been one heck of a journey but I don’t regret not one moment of it.  I always wanted a space where I could showcase my creativity and connect with others.  However, I wasn’t quite sure how it would all come together.  With not knowing all the answers my spirit has led me to continue to build my life thru my love of creating. Coming from a self-taught Culinary background and a career in Commercial Real Estate I felt it was time for me to shake things up and share a piece of me to the world.

Some have asked, why did I decide to design a candle line and for it to be my first product to introduce, instead of something food related.  The reason being is because of my brand being very intentional, I wanted to have a product that my audience could connect to and to serve them in a way that I feel is priceless.  Candles are powerful and healing, they can ignite a type of energy that relates to self-exploration and discovery.


With wanting to embrace one of the four elements of nature that we need in life (fire), I feel that it is important for me to encourage my audience to have new daily routines that involves self-care. 

As I continue to grow, I plan to launch each product with great meaning.  This is the reason my brand is called Collectively Joy.  A Collection of digital content and products that will encourage people on how to keep or get their HAPPY back while being present.  Having balance is a key element to life, no one wants to just sit around living a boring life.  I believe we all deserve some excitement from time to time.

Living in your light is where you will find peace and healing, so why not create positive moments that you will able to later look back on and feel good about.  That saying “you are what you eat” is a real thing.  Being conscious of the foods we consume I think is really important as it affects our moods, behavior, health and overall well-being.  I will talk about it and share more thru my blog, and why I feel we should be better educated on it.

I believe that the power of learning and the cathartic release that cooking, baking, and putting together an outfit can have. I desire to build a community of women who support, help, and affirm one another I feel that we are more powerful together than apart. 

Thank you for your support and coming along this ride with me.

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